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Since her graduation from the Drama Academy in Bern, Isabelle Stoffel has made a stunning international acting career. Born and raised in Switzerland, with German and Spanish as mother tongues, she has played with companies in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel and Bern, in Leuven (Belgium), Hamburg, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. She is a long- standing member of Nico and the Navigators, a mime troupe based in Berlin. Apart from the stage, Isabelle can be seen in German and Spanish TV features and award winning cinema films e.g. in BERLIN IS IN GERMANY (cinema 2001), ÄRZTETEAM NORD (TV 2001), DIE VERKEHRSINSEL (TV 2001), SOBRE EL ARCO IRIS (cinema 2003), HINTER GITTERN (TV 2003/04), 1 FRANCO, 14 PESETAS (cinema 2006), INVISIBLES (cinema 2007). EL CÓNSUL DE SODOMA (THE CONSUL OF SODOM) (cinema 2009), ISAPANSI (cinema 2010), 2 FRANCOS, 40 PESETAS (cinema 2012) LOS ILUSOS (THE WISHFUL THINKERS) (cinema 2013) LOS EXILIADOS ROMÁNTICOS (THE ROMANTIC EXILES) (cinema 2015) and LA VIRGEN DE AGOSTO (THE AUGUST VIRGIN) (cinema 2019) . In December 2011 Isabelle Stoffel presented Toni Bentley’s erotic memoirs THE SURRENDER in her own adaptation as a stage monologue. After an extended run of sold out shows, LA RENDICIÓN (THE SURRENDER) has become a notable example for the artistic vitality of the alternative theatre scene in Spain and has subsequently been invited to the Spanish National Theater (CDN) and has maintained success at the Teatro María Guerrero (Madrid 2013). The English- Language version premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2013. The play is showing in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. In 2014 the German-Language version DIE HINGABE premiered in Switzerland and Germany. Isabelle Stoffel received the candidature for the renowned Spanish Theater Award “Premios Max” as Best Theatrical Adaptation for LA RENDICIÓN. In 2015/16 she performs Miss Cutts in INVERNADERO (THE HOTHOUSE) by Harold Pinter, directed by Mario Gas in Teatro de la Abadía in Madrid, Teatro Lliure in Barcelona, such as in theaters in Valencia, Bilbao, Sevilla, etc. In 2017 FESTEN by Viterberg, directed by Magüi Mira in Spain's National Theater CDN-Teatro Valle Inclán. In 2018/19 she is on tour with EN TIERRA (GROUNDED) by George Brant.


Education: Hochschule für Musik und Theater Bern, Drama Department, 1993-1997 (graduated)

  • Theatre studies abroad in New York (University of Music and Theatre, Bern) 1996
  • Workshop directed by Ingrid Slavik (Method Acting) Berlin 2002
  • Workshop directed by Andrés Lima-Animalario “El actor y el discurso“, Madrid 2006
  • Workshop directed by Hassan Kouyaté (Company Peter Brook), Madrid 2007

Lanuguages: Spanish, German (native speaker), English, French (fluent), Italian, Portuguese, Catalan

for a detailed CV IN ENGLISH please check: http://www.agentur-nicolai.de/actresses/isabelle-stoffel/

SHOWREEL IN ENGLISH: please check on this web stie VIDEOS. The English spoken part starts on minute 3:50



THE SURRENDER (Bentely/Stoffel)

“Direct from an extended sell-out run at the Madrid Teatro María Guerrero comes an amazing one-woman tour de force . . .Isabelle Stoffel gives a memorizing performance . . . the shock content is high, but the quality of acting, the language and ideas are powerful and intelligent . . . an amazing, bold, bravura performance.”

(Ros MacKenzie)


“Stoffel — who resembles a pouting, delicious, Leslie Caron gives the performance an authentic charge and frisson, to put it mildly . . . A serious play about sex.”

(Michael Coveney, On Stage)


 “BDSM ballet with humour and depth . . . The production has the atmosphere of a sensual ritual.  Isabelle Stoffel captures the sensuality and intensity of the memoir, and the tone of acceptance is enhanced by her determination… A solid, honest confessional.”

(The List)


 “Stoffel is here with this unusual and daring monologue to do no more and no less than to provoke a thaw.”

(El País, Spain)


“Isabelle Stoffel stars in a firecracker of a show.”

(The Herald)


“Chronicle of a sexual trip, played with the highest level of sensitivity.”

(El País, Spain)


A success that moved up the theatre chain.”

(The Guardian)


 “The fascination of the play arises from the balance between the power of the images of the text and the exemplary work of the actress.”

(El Mundo, Javier Villán, Spain)


“To explore the intimate universe of female sexuality can become a journey of no return. Isabelle Stoffel decides to throw herself into the unknown, with no safety rope, and shares her adrenaline with the spectators.”

(Clarín, Argentina)


“A beautiful and wonderful actress seduces by approaching a “forbidden” sexual act. It must be seen and reflected upon, free of prejudices. Excellent.”

(Revista Veintitrés, Argentina)

‘Fiebre’ por el soliloquio en Paris. Fanny Ardant, Sophie Marceau, Charlotte Rampling... actrices de primer nivel triunfan en la cartelera de la capital francesa con obras en las que son dueñas de la escena. La próxima, Marianne Faithfull. Madrid se suma a través de ‘La rendición’, con Isabelle Stoffel.

(El Mundo, Spain)


Isabelle Stoffel hace suyo el texto de Toni Bentley; el hecho de que haya sido ella misma quien lo adapte le permite navegar por él con tanto descaro como naturalidad. Aborda el trabajo desde la valentía. Su interpretación es pícara, juguetona, descarada, impúdica... pero nunca chabacana ni grosera. Porque «La rendición» es un espectáculo radiante, vitalista, e Isabelle Stoffel una actriz osada y cautivadora.

(Una butaca con vistas, Julio Bravo)


Toni Bentleys Autobiografie als fesselndes Bühnen –Solo von Isabelle Stoffel….Sie (Isabelle Stoffel) ist leichtfüssig und akzentuiert viel mehr die Komik der Vorlage. Das ist eine Kluge Entscheidung.

(TAZ, Germany, January 2015)


Isabelle Stoffel spielt das furchtlos, mit überraschendem Humor und in einer Unverblümtheit, die nie vulgär wirkt.

(WoZ, Switzerland, December 2014)


INVERNADERO (Harold Pinter)

“Todo es gélido en este montaje de un Pinter negro, menos la glamourosa, caliente impudicia de Isabelle Stoffel, en la señorita Cutts.”

(El Mundo, Javier Villán 2015)


“Isabelle Stoffel le presta a Cutts un peligro sexual entreverado de frío polar.”

(El País, Javier Vallejo 2015)


“Igualmente destacable es el papel de Isabelle Stoffel, la señorita Cutts, mujer sinuosa de un erotismo lascivo que conjuga con un laconismo verbal inquietante.

(ABC, Sergi Doria, January 2016)

More reviews and information on the monologue "THE SURRENDER" www.thesurrendershow.com










Isabelle Stoffel



Isabelle Stoffel

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