cristina medina

Cristina Medina was born in Seville in April 8th 1971. Since the 90's devoted body and soul to this profession...and for many more years!



2017 She produces, performs and premieres at the October Cazorla Festival Theatre the play "Ay, carmela!, directed by Fernando Soto and produced along with Come y Calla producciones, S.L. (still on tour).


2016-17 “The Hole”. Master of Ceremonies. Lets Go Producciones.


2016 “El Trámite 2”. Playwright, director and actress. Acelera producciones.


2014 She founded on her own LaMedinaEs Company. She creates and produces "A Grito pelao" ("Loud Belt out") directed by Joan Estrader (2014-2015 tour). She plays the main character too. 


2013 “A Marte cabaret”. Master of Ceremonies. Drive producciones.


1997-2014 She founded  toghether with Joan Estrader  the independent theatre company Pez en Raya. In ist 18 years existence they produce, create and perform 9 absurd humor shows that travelled around the world They play in Castillan and English: Spain, England, New York, Shangai, Costa Rica, Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland….  Hereby the plays: 

“Carcoma” (1997) 

“Mercí y me fui” (1998) 

“Tápate” (1999) _Best show award at the IX International Humour Festival. 

“Pésame Mucho” (2001) – Best show of the season 2004at Bath and Winchester (England),

“Sólala” (2004) – Best show at the XIV Theatre Fari of Tárrega, Best show award at the X International Humour Festival of Madrid. More than 10 years tour around the world!

“Hot Burrito” ( 2005) co-creator and director

“Lo Cerebro” (2007)

“Juancállate” (2009) co-creator and director

“Llorar por Llorar” (2012)


1997-98 She takes part as main actress in “Las Gracias Mohosas” produced by  Centro Andaluz de Teatro (Sevilla) (Andalusian Theatre Center-Seville). 


1996-97 She takes part as actress in the performance “Electra” by the sevillian company Atalaya: Spanish National Award of Theatre. 


1996-97 Main actress (called Palestrión) in “Miles Gloriosus” with the theatre company TNT. This performance leads her to the Best Actress Award at the SouthTheatre Fair of Palma del Río 96 (Cordoba, Spain)





2007-2018 “La que se avecina”, playing the character Nines Chacón, Tele 5 (National Spanish TV channel).


1992 “Teletrastos”, playing the character Hojalato.  Canal Sur T.V. (Andalusian TV channel). 


She collaborates in TV programs as “Pasapalabra” (like "Alphabetical"), “El club de la comedia” ("The Comedy Club") and “Museo coconut” ("Coconut museum") 





2018  She presents the XXI Max Award Gala (directed by Alfonso Zurro). (Dedicated to performing arts). 


2016  She directs, writes and presents the XXI Awards Galaof the Unión de Actores de Madrid (Madrid Actors' Union). 


2007  She directs and presents the XVI PNR (new film-makers platform) Awards gala





2016 She founds the rock band “La Cristi & los que vengan”. She is the liristic and the singer with the collaboration of Jesús Chávez – musician and musical director for the band. (still on tour)



Cristina Medina



Cristina Medina

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